It goes without saying that this year has been a bit of a wild one lol, so I was really wondering if and how I would be able to celebrate my birthday at all! So, my initial plan was actually to go to Paris for a girls trip and I had booked my hotel, got a and was super excited to go!….Fast forward to a month before my trip, and the UK government changed the restrictions, plus there was an influx of Covid cases in France. So you know what that means…my trip was completely cancelled with immediate effect!

At this point, I had accepted that I would be starting a new year of my life in bed with a cup of tea with Netflix in full swing, but then it was announced that restaurants would open temporarily….Yayyy (but with a 10pm curfew)

To start the celebrations early, my friend Jemima took me out the night before my birthday to ‘Restaurant Ours’, which is infamous for its flower cave runway entrance!
Here are some snapshots of what my night entailed – good food, beautiful ambiance and some good music!

The flower entrance
Restaurant Ours

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself considering the circumstance that is the pandemic. I had adequate time over dinner to reflect over the year and really pray and prepare towards the plans and hopes I have for this upcoming year of my life. Ultimately, I am grateful to have made it this point and despite everything I have had to overcome this year, I have reminded myself that God is allowing me to see this new year for a reason, so I still have a lot left to give and accomplish.

On my actual birthday I went to a lovely brunch at Fela Cafe in Knightsbridge, which I have had my eye on for a while so I was very excited! Both the food and the drinks were delicious and the presentation of everything was just stunning! Not to mention the aesthetics! (Plenty of backdrops for photos!) This was then followed by a lovely Dinner at Rosas Thai Cafe which was delicious!

Even though it wasn’t the birthday that I had planned, I have no doubt that it was the birthday I was supposed to have and I’m grateful to have been able to do anything at all! This year has been a constant reminder to not take life for granted and to make an effort to make each day the best it can be. That is something I intend to be very intentional about this year and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others in the process!

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