We are officially in week 6 of the London Lockdown and it’s safe to say I have been each and every one of these versions of myself at some point in this period lol

Whilst for some quarantine has felt like a huge drag and made them wonder if they’ve lost the plot, for others its been a time of delve into a little bit of everything and document it for all to see lol. For the most part, I have found myself somewhere in the middle. I have had some days where I have woken up at 5am feeling super pumped and productive; having decent devotion time and working out before my work day starts. But, I have definitely had my days when I just about get out of bed around 10am (which I know is still early for some lol). Those are the days that I still have my ‘to do list’ in my head but just don’t know where to begin, and lack that sense of drive I once had.

Whilst I have been enjoying some of the insta live sound offs (Lets not talk about the technical difficulties of Teddy Riley and Babyface lol) I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on Zoom or Houseparty. It just hasn’t been a priority for me I guess.

When the lockdown started, I wrote a short list of things I wanted to try and do, improve, or invest in during this period. Seeing that on my wall everyday has helped me to regain some motivation and focus on the harder days. But, I haven’t put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself, just enough to give myself a good kick into gear when I find myself stuck in neutral.

I think what has kept me at peace, even on the days that I really haven’t felt great, is just doing me. I have taken several days off social media at various times during this period, which some of you noticed. I’ve definitely had some intentional ‘self isolation’.
Regardless of how many people are posting loungewear and throwbacks every day, launching a business, projecting the most productive quarantine ever etc, I have been very intentional about just doing what works for me. In between food shops and checking on friends and family, I’m trying to make my me time count.
I’m embracing and working through what each new day brings and acknowledging how I feel as I go. Man, protecting your peace is so important! It is okay to not be okay or to feel down, but I do not let myself stay down for too long or let that define the entire course of my quarantine period!
FACT: Even if you don’t have what you view as essentials, you have God who is essentially all you need!

Here are a few little snapshots into 5 stages of my Quarantina journey so far…

Working in a sector which classifies me as a ‘key worker’ means I have had to learn a lot of new skills and software and adapt to a ‘new normal’. Working shorter hours sounded cool, until I realised it meant I have to get a lot done in a shorter amount of time. It is teaching me more self discipline and reiterated the importance of structuring my time. I still want to spend an adequate amount of time on the things I promised to work on during this period so I can’t spend all night on Netflix. Investing in my hobbies, and projects I had left on a back burner is an ongoing process and priority, but again, I’m trying not over do it! #BreaksAreNeeded

A few of my girls started lockdown with the notion that ‘we were coming out of quarantine looking like fitness models by force’ lol. So sure, I could lie and say ‘yeah guys I have been working out every single day since, and have got a 6 pack in 6 weeks’ #Lies > but I prefer to just keep it real.
For my first two weeks of quarantine, I was following some live daily workout programs hosted by some popular personal trainers on Instagram. It was great because I would check in with my friends who were doing it with me and I enjoyed the daily accountability and ‘feeling the burn’.

Some of my Quarantine Fitness Gear

Fast forward to week three…. I definitely had a days where I felt like I was falling off my momentum. I wasn’t eating very badly per say, but skipping a few days of sweat, and my lack of ‘next day muscle pain’ made me realise I really need to jump back on it. It is really not easy man, but consistency really is the only thing that breed results! Alongside HIT workouts, I started with jogs as I live near two ginormous parks. However, the unpredictable London rain and my detest of cold weather slowly put a stop to that so I needed to replace my cardio.
I had been toying with the idea of getting a skipping rope for a while as I’d seen it work as a cardio alternative for some people. Then my girl Kacey got one and hearing her voice notes of how much she was dying a few minutes into her skipping session I figured yeah, I want one now, I wanna feel that kind of burn so I got one myself! #ItIsNoJoke!

3. FOOOOOD!!!!
Everyone who has seen my #ChefZacca stories on Insta will know I have been experimenting with different cuisines particularly focusing on healthy options and alternatives for not-so-healthy meals. (For reference, I eat mostly gluten free and brown carbs, do not drink regular milk or any red meat and am obsessed with lime infused water!)
Here are some examples of some of the things I’ve been munching on the regular during this period-

1. Spinach and Peppers Omelette 2. Avocado Toast on Rye Bread 3. Chicken Sausage, eggs and spinach 4. Jollof rice, fried chicken and salad 5. Banana and peanut butter 6. Jerk Chicken Rice and Peas 7. Spinach & Hummus and peppers wrap 8. Prawn Linguine 9. Fruit Salad 10. Chicken Salad 11. Salmon sweet potato and salad 12. Sweet Potato Curry

My household is definitely guilty of joining what I call the ‘Quarantine Baking Society’ as my mother has also joined the thousands that have bakes bread, cake and cookies from scratch! Even my brother got in on the action!

Journalling!!!! Generally I am EXTREMELYYYY private person, which means I often retain how I’m feeling. Journalling has been an extremely therapeutic way to talk to God and be brutally honest about how I’ve been feeling. At the beginning of lockdown, I was in the middle of a very extensive treatment plan and was actually supposed to have several hospital appointments during this period (the reasons why I’ll save for another time). Of course all of my appointments were cancelled which honesty triggered some anxiety. It also meant I had to make some big unexpected changes which can be a little frightening and I was definitely feeling extremely overwhelmed!
So, journalling during this season has been a fantastic outlet for me.

Starting my day with devotion has been a great way to set positive vibes over my day and reminds me that God is in control. Devotion helps counteract any negative thoughts or unsettling feelings I may have woken up with. In all honestly these are things we should be doing this everyday anyway, but I guess the world being in a place of uncertainty really reinforced the importance of resting on the One in whom your future in certain.

Clearly I haven’t quite figured out what to do on the hair front but God willing #ProtectiveStyleLoading!
However, I did attempt to be my own nail tech and was pleasantly surprised by my skills lol

Two different Quarantina nail styles successfully achieved over 6 weeks #NaturalNails #SoFarSoGood!

As the picture shows, there really are so many faces we go through in this period but this is just a (somewhat) quick snapshot into how things have been so far!

Nonetheless, I’m remaining optimistic over the days ahead.
Everything truly happens for a reason and I’m praying this season will bring out the best in us all and mould us to be better than how we started this season!

Let me know how you’ve been spending your quarantine time!

Which one are you today?

Until next time Stay Safe and enjoy YOUR journey during this time


Your Favourtite Quarantina 😀

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