Yep. After a longgg hiatus I am back! But boy has the game changed!
Back when I originally started blogging, it was just something people did as a fun little hobby to share their travel excursions or share their thoughts and photos surrounding the latest food spots and fashion trends. But thanks to social media and this new digital age we’re now in, ‘blogging’ is actually now a ‘thing’ to the point where the standards have skyrocketed and being a blogger can now be someones full time career.

Having stumbled across some ‘professional bloggers’ I have witnessed what it now takes to maintain the consistency and popularity needed to ‘excel’ in this game lol. Looking at the amount of time and resources they had and my lack thereof, I almost thought you know what? Maybe this whole blogging thing isn’t for me. But luckily I snapped out of it, (hence why you’re reading this) so here’s how I overcome the struggles of ‘becoming a blogger’

We live in an instant gratification society. We want everything now. And that can include knowing that we are liked, relevant and interesting enough. Do people actually want to hear what I have to say? That can be a huge deal for someone who runs their own platform or business and that can really influence your motivation to continue.


Looking at the stats from my old blog reminded me that despite not being connected to any popular blogging forums or doing any sponsored posts, I will still raking in pretty decent numbers. That encouraged little old me that my voice mattered and to be honest, I would have been content even if one person was inspired or uplifted or even intrigued in some way. Which brings me to my next point..

I didn’t start my own website and create a platform for views, likes or popularity. I started simply because I’ve always had a passion and a purpose for helping others, and I articulate my thoughts well when they are written down. Plus, I had always been encouraged to share my views on real life issues, music, events, even food on a bigger platform so I figured why not!
But you also need to understand that not everyone will get or understand what you’re doing and that’s okay. Focus instead on the fact that someone somewhere out there needs and cares what you specifically have to say and enjoy your own growth in the process.

Ok. Let’s be real. In this new age of Instagram, phones now sporting 12 megapixel cameras, and actual cameras now equipped with all these incredible new features, bloggers’ photos are far from ‘average’. The process behind the ‘perfect shot’ now consists of having the right outfit(s), then travelling to the right location, then finding the right lighting and angles, making sure you get the perfect shot, then getting the editing right so you fade out the background, fix the white balance etc. This idea of this being my day to day of running a blog was quite overwhelming to be quite frank, to the point where I was like I guess I can’t start a blog until I have a whole huge portfolio of all these ‘professional’ and ‘artsy’ pictures of myself.

Seeing as I work in music outside of my 9-5, and have had some experience working on TV sets etc, you would think I’m used to and love taking pictures and being filmed all the time right? Wrong.
Despite owning a professional camera and an iPhone, my reality is I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed being behind the lens as opposed to in front of it, as I’m naturally a visual person and I’ve always loved photography.
Plus, I’m not trying to brand myself as some sort of fashionista or style guru. Nor do I make a conscious effort to follow the ‘trends’ or go and buy the same outfit everyone is posting on ‘the gram’ from Zara or Pretty Little Thing. I just go with my own flow.
And, if you wanna keep it all the way real, another part of my reality is I’m out here trying to save towards my future ! So this pressure of constantly buying new outfits, having new hairstyles, knowing all my angles and ‘playing the part’ really isn’t my vibe.
What I am great at doing however, is just being me – so I intend to stick to doing just that and I will learn as I go, glow and grow 🙂
So yep this is my blog in all its beginner stage glory! I’ve decided not to worry about being perfect or having every picture looking like a ‘Britains Next Top Blogger’ shoot. Will I start to actually use my camera now and get into photography on both sides of the lens more- no doubt about it! And I look forward to it!
But, I will find my own middle ground. I think there is actually a beautiful authenticity in some photos just being candid, as opposed to professional, so I’m just going to focus on having a balance, being authentic and enjoying my own process of growth no matter what that looks like or photographs like!

Going from that place of being on a roll and building loads of momentum, to hitting that wall when your brainstorm of post ideas draws to a blank is not fun and can be very disheartening.

I’ve learnt not to put so much pressure on myself and just let whatever I do feel organic. I don’t wanna post something just for the sake of it and it has no real substance. That’s just not me.
Honestly, sometimes I just have to take some time away from my laptop and social media and just invest my time into what makes me happy and fulfils me and revamp my sense of inspiration. I always remind myself that there was once a world before all these gadgets and social media and ways to have fun. Plus, if you know me, you’d know that I am extremely spontaneous, so I’ll always find something somewhere to do whether it be an adventurous activity, a relaxing day away, or even just watching or listening to something inspirational. Whenever I take time out to do this, somewhere along the line something will inspire me or prompt me to get my mojo back and before you know it, a new post will be coming your way.

Staying consistent is probably one of, if not the hardest thing about blogging. That constant thought of- what do I do next? or what do people want to know? or how do I stay relevant?

1. Be honest with yourself about what exactly you would like to say or what topics you want to touch on. Then spread it out so you don’t cram everything you could possibly know on a huge topic like relationships for example, into one post

2. Make A Schedule but be realistic- I sometimes make the mistake of thinking I can execute the million and one ideas in my head all in the space of a week. Then reality hits me and I’ve barely completed one! lol
So while I definitely still write down my plans for each month so I have a sense of structure and clarity, I am learning to be realistic about the time frames and resources I need to execute them. That way, I will still remain consistent and productive over time, as opposed to rushing and cramming all I have to do and say and loosing the quality in the process. It’s also important to take a break to clear your mind and regain your focus but just don’t let the break turn into a total hiatus #TalkingToMyselfLol

I’m learning not to take EVERYTHING in life too seriously and just enjoy my process of continual self discovery and growth and I guess my blogging journey will follow suite and reflect that.

So here goes nothing!

Until next time! x

p.s. I have some more posts live now too so feel free to check them out and leave a comment ! 🙂

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